Who Do Our Kids Think They Are . . . and How Do We Help Them Belong?

A perfect storm is upon us and educators are in the middle of it. Identity issues often incite and divide us, but they are actually our way out of the storm. No one should be oppressed or have to hide who they are, and young people need to be prepared for a future where they can learn to live together and help others belong.

In their beautifully written book, Dennis Shirley and Andy Hargreaves brilliantly show how we can and must engage with young people’s identities in their fullness and complexity. Rooted in classical and contemporary theories of identity, extensive research, and in sheer common sense, their book takes us from bitterness to belonging and includes:

  • Examples of how schools seek to address identity and belonging
  • Strategies to deal with the raging identity controversies in our schools and societies
  • Charts and graphics to help build inclusive professional communities
  • Constant invitations to readers to apply ideas to their own work
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