Speaking Engagements

Dennis can inspire educators as a keynote at your next event with a unique blend of humor, insight, and compassion into the many challenges and opportunities facing our profession today. His first-hand research into the dynamics of educational change from around the world reminds educators that they are part of an international vocation to improve the human condition and to transform schools into places of learning and joy.


Dennis provides a wide variety of workshops for educators that are carefully customized to fit the unique culture, challenges, and opportunities of your school or system. He works carefully with educators to design activities that enable educators to understand their craft from new vantage points and to blend current research with their carefully developed repertoire of instructional strategies.


School systems often can benefit from outsider perspectives that can help educators to understand their current challenges in light of broader patterns of international educational change. Dennis has worked with clients from around the world to study, refine, and renew their profession in ways that promote student learning, professional expertise, and public confidence in education.

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