The New Imperatives of Educational Change: Achievement with Integrity sets forth an ambitious and attainable agenda for all schools at the dawn of a new millennium. The first, evidentiary imperative to study learning requires that we attain a better grasp of what policies promote student achievement and what strategies undermine it. The second, interpretive imperative is essential because no research findings should ever be transplanted directly from one study to your school without mindful deliberation about the factors that give your students and community their own unique identities. The third, professional imperative describes new international research findings on promising pedagogies and curricula that propel learning beyond expectations. The fourth, global imperative requires that we all look beyond our immediate communities and national boundaries to improve the learning of all young people wherever they may find themselves. The fifth, existential imperative, reminds us that our students look to us not only as conveyors of information but also as potential role models who can dignify learning with meaning and embellish it with joy. Visionary in its scope and practical in its details, The New Imperatives of Educational Change is an indispensable road map to an inspiring future for all school and system leaders.

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