Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, students’ well-being was an increasingly prominent concern among educators, as issues related to mental health, global crises, and social media became impossible to ignore. But what, exactly, is well-being? What does it look like?  Why is it so important?  What can school systems do to promote it? How does it relate to student achievement and social and emotional learning?

World renowned education experts Dennis Shirley and Andy Hargreaves answer these questions in this in-depth exploration of the underlying ideas and research findings related to well-being ahead of other priorities, such as scores on high-stakes assessments.  They explain three powerful forces that educators can leverage to set up effective well-being policy and practice: prosperity for all, ethical technology use, and restorative nature.

Inspiring, thoughtful, and provocative, Well Being in Schools: Three Forces That Will Uplift Your Students in a Volatile World offers hope in a time of unprecedented challenges. It charts a path toward a lofty and achievable goal: improved well-being not only for students, but for everyone!

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